Interleague 24/04/2022

Interleague report

After our third Interleague of the season the picture is starting to form as to how this year might play out. But a lot can happen in the remaining matches.

Divisions 1 and 2 both have teams tied in first place on 6 points: Gravesham A and Romney Invicta in Division1 and Sheppey Shipwreckers and Gravesham B in Division 2.

Divisions 3 and 4 have clear front runners with Whitecliffs Dover B and Jordans Crusaders extending their unbeaten runs on 9 points each

Full results can be found on our Interleague pages

The next Interleague fixture is the KO Cup on Sunday 1st May. A copy of the draw is below (Ashford A have withdrawn after the draw was complete).

Good luck to all teams!


Kent v London 10/04/2022

Match Report

Kent’s undefeated teams remain undefeated!!

All of Kent’s undefeated teams remain that way following another successful day at the home of Kent County Pool – Chatham.

The seniors started the day 2/2 and ended 3/3 with a score line of 20:16. Stand outs again with 4/4 was Martin Prime with Lee Crowhurst chipping in with4/4 also.

The under 23s won 14:6 with Harry Compton winning 4/4, enhancing his reputation as a star for the future.

Talking of stars of the future that’s a prediction for youth player Jake Lloyd who along with James Goldsmith also remained unbeaten yesterday in a crushing 27:9 win . Padraic certainly has a winning team there.

The A team couldn’t complete a fight back that saw them 16-9 down at one point, eventually losing 21:23. Captain Venner has since had a meeting with the team to review team order and we should see a different outcome next month..

The B team demonstrated no ill effects of their last tight match completing a 28:16 win – the youngster Andy Twigger showing he has what it takes to reach the top with 4/4 – keep drinking the tonic it’s working.

Our C team again just continue to roll over teams with no fear winning 29:15. The team has certainly gelled and Captain Cox says the atmosphere around the team is excellent.

Finally the ladies won 27 17 with Karen Darby winning 4/4. It was lovely to see her smile, well done Karen and toJools congratulations on creating a team that simply doesn’t understand the word defeat.

Anyway so the final result of the day was 166-102. Up the Kent!

Onwards and upwards to the Nationals – let’s take our regional success to the very top. I’m expecting great things in particular from the Kent B team following their progression to the top dogs in the region. Take it one step further.

Congratulations to two of our England stars who have earned their next county medal:

200 frames – Steve Ritchie

100 frames – Dave Fernandez

The full Medals Table is here, the County Rankings have also been updated..

Yours in sport.


Final Scores

u23s14:6 WIN
Seniors20:16 WIN
Juniors27:9 WIN
Ladies27:17 WIN
A21:23 LOSS
B28:16 WIN
C29:15 WIN