Kent v Hampshire 15/05/2022

Match Report

Kent’s Clean Sweep

Yesterdays matches against Hampshire ended in a clean sweep and an overwhelming one at that.

There was no sign of any hangovers from the national exploits a week earlier as the seniors started the day with a 28:8 win. Congratulations to Lee Crowhurst, Andy Gee and Andy Twigger for full houses. There were no matches for juniors or under 23s.

In the ladies section we swept to a 25:19 victory with Katie Martyn and Mel Clements both winning 4/4. The A team returned to winning ways with an emphatic 28:19 win – Dave Fernandez, Nathan Venner and Josh Patel completing 4/4. The B team showed their national champion status and continued their winning run with a 25:19 win. Last but by no means least the C team won with a clinical victory 40:4 – yes that’s correct.

So we roll on to our next game away to Surrey, who themselves had a clean sweep over their Sussex rivals so we will likely be in for our toughest games so far. Get ready for some tough games. I’m confident our hunger for success still exists within the squad.

Let’s keep it all going. We need to qualify for the nationals again next year.

Congratulations to two of our England stars who have earned their next county medal:

500 frames – Nathan Vennere

200 frames – Mitch Standen

200 frames – Lee Crowhurst

The full Medals Table is here, the County Rankings have also been updated..

Yours in sport.


Final Scores

u23s(no match)
Seniors28:8 WIN
Juniors(no match)
Ladies25:19 WIN
A28:16 WIN
B25:19 WIN
C40:4 WIN

National Intercounty Finals 2022

Team Manager’s Report

Well, it’s easy to know where to start this team manager write up.

Champions, winners, resilience, camaraderie, integrity, dignity, laughs, crys, enthusiasm, excitement, forged relationships forever.

These are just some of the words that describe an amazing weekend on and off the table, probably the best of my long career.

Started on Thursday for the 3 man seniors event that saw Kent Spitfires get to the quarter finals. The Friday saw the Seniors and Under 23s start and there was nothing spectacular in fairness that was going to set the trend of the weekend. Apart from aS comeback!! 14-8 down to Berkshire suddenly became 14-14 and Kent went into a 3 man play off, only to lose 2-1. So Berkshire went on to win the title instead of us!!

However, Friday and Saturday saw the As, Bs, ladies and Juniors enter their respective tournaments and from then on it was all the words described in my opening statement. All teams were there in the finals at the end in an atmosphere that was simply electric, given the comebacks that were evident in previous rounds.

Mens A – Intercounty Runners Up 2022

Kent A made the final with a 23-21 win against a strong Essex team in the quarters with a certain Willie Anderson taking the final frame with a break and clearance. They then went on to the semi to play the mighty Berkshire but we matched them all the way to a 22-22 draw. That’s when the loudest cheer I have ever heard in pool happened. With Jasper Simmonds and Dave Fernandez snookered and looking like Berkshire could take the win both our players got out of the snooker, potted their last ball and perfectly set themselves on the black …. This happened almost at the same time so the crescendo of noise was incredible. In case you’ve not seen the video on Facebook it’s posted below, have a look and you’ll get the point. In the Final however, it was not to be this time, as Kent A lost 23 -21 to a significantly more experienced Leicester side, but a massive learning experience for our youngsters in the team.

Play off v Berkshire
Mens B – Intercounty Champions 2022

The B team however had no such problems in their final as they marched to victory over Derbyshire, Ben Morgan potting the final black to start scenes of wild excitement in the room . But this was almost not the story as in the semi finals they delivered the comeback of all comebacks when they came through to win from being 19-11 down, astonishing fight back evidencing the team spirit of our all conquering B team. Congratulations you are all National Champions!!!!

Juniors – Intercounty Runners Up 2022

Our Juniors came through the group and having watched some of their match against Somerset I am confident that the future of Kent pool is in safe hands. They came through their semi final with a solid win against Bedfordshire before succumbing to what must be said a more experienced and definitely older Leicester team. Talking of Juniors, I’d like to restart coaching sessions for the Juniors and will be looking for A, B and Ladies team players willing to support these in order that our Juniors improve and take 1st prize next year .

Ladies – Intercounty Cup Champions 2022

Our Ladies lost in their quarter final to Lancashire 23-20 and it was a close affair with Kent pulling back until the last couple of frames. It should be noted that Lancashire were not tested as much in either their semi or final winning 23-14. So Kent Ladies moved into the cup competition and went on to record 23-17 in quarters, 23-14 in the semi and 23-9 victory in the final to become champions. Again massive congratulations to our Kent Ladies .

So from my perspective there are so many positives to come from this weekend and we achieved great success across the board. We took the opportunity to get all of our winners on the stage afterwards and I think this demonstrates the strength we had in all categories. We will continue to build and progress our teams in order that we can continue with our dominance over the next few years. My voice box may just about recover before Sunday when we go again with Hampshire our opponents at home.

Best wishes



Interleague 24/04/2022

Interleague report

After our third Interleague of the season the picture is starting to form as to how this year might play out. But a lot can happen in the remaining matches.

Divisions 1 and 2 both have teams tied in first place on 6 points: Gravesham A and Romney Invicta in Division1 and Sheppey Shipwreckers and Gravesham B in Division 2.

Divisions 3 and 4 have clear front runners with Whitecliffs Dover B and Jordans Crusaders extending their unbeaten runs on 9 points each

Full results can be found on our Interleague pages

The next Interleague fixture is the KO Cup on Sunday 1st May. A copy of the draw is below (Ashford A have withdrawn after the draw was complete).

Good luck to all teams!


Kent v London 10/04/2022

Match Report

Kent’s undefeated teams remain undefeated!!

All of Kent’s undefeated teams remain that way following another successful day at the home of Kent County Pool – Chatham.

The seniors started the day 2/2 and ended 3/3 with a score line of 20:16. Stand outs again with 4/4 was Martin Prime with Lee Crowhurst chipping in with4/4 also.

The under 23s won 14:6 with Harry Compton winning 4/4, enhancing his reputation as a star for the future.

Talking of stars of the future that’s a prediction for youth player Jake Lloyd who along with James Goldsmith also remained unbeaten yesterday in a crushing 27:9 win . Padraic certainly has a winning team there.

The A team couldn’t complete a fight back that saw them 16-9 down at one point, eventually losing 21:23. Captain Venner has since had a meeting with the team to review team order and we should see a different outcome next month..

The B team demonstrated no ill effects of their last tight match completing a 28:16 win – the youngster Andy Twigger showing he has what it takes to reach the top with 4/4 – keep drinking the tonic it’s working.

Our C team again just continue to roll over teams with no fear winning 29:15. The team has certainly gelled and Captain Cox says the atmosphere around the team is excellent.

Finally the ladies won 27 17 with Karen Darby winning 4/4. It was lovely to see her smile, well done Karen and toJools congratulations on creating a team that simply doesn’t understand the word defeat.

Anyway so the final result of the day was 166-102. Up the Kent!

Onwards and upwards to the Nationals – let’s take our regional success to the very top. I’m expecting great things in particular from the Kent B team following their progression to the top dogs in the region. Take it one step further.

Congratulations to two of our England stars who have earned their next county medal:

200 frames – Steve Ritchie

100 frames – Dave Fernandez

The full Medals Table is here, the County Rankings have also been updated..

Yours in sport.


Final Scores

u23s14:6 WIN
Seniors20:16 WIN
Juniors27:9 WIN
Ladies27:17 WIN
A21:23 LOSS
B28:16 WIN
C29:15 WIN

Berkshire v Kent 20/03/2022

Match Report

Kent dominant in Berkshire

The Kent teams travelled to Berkshire and continued their overall dominance across the categories. Of the 14 matches played this year the Kent teams are 13-1 up. Only the smallest margin of a 23-21 defeat for the A team prevented another full sweep.

The Seniors started off the day with a 21-15 win over previous champions and are showing they can mix it at the top. Stand out performance from Martin Prime with 4/4 including the scalp of Berkshire’s top player Dylan Leary. The team are conscious they are missing Carl at the moment as he is battling illness, our best wishes are with you and we hope you back with us soon.

Under 23s won 15-5 with young 14 year old, James Goldsmith coming in to help the team and winning 2/4. Jasper Simmonds and Jake Lloyd both won 4/4.

Juniors won 24-12 with Frank Moss and Callum Britt winning maximum frames.

The B team demonstrated there power in this division with a dominant 27-17 win with ash Hind winning all 4 of his frames. Congratulations to new Dad Ritchie Bell.

The C team won 26-18 and as a relatively new team you can see and hear they are gelling on as a team. Phil Horley led the line from number 1 with 4/4 – always a great start for the team.

Finally, but not least, strong performances by 4 of our ladies winning 4/4 in a 34-10 win … congratulations to Barbara Taylor, Jo Miles, Katie Martyn and Jan Spinner.

Congratulations to the following players who have earned their next county medal since the beginning of this season:

900 frames – Mel Clements

400 frames – Andy Biggs

300 frames – Jasper Simmonds

200 frames – Jake Lloyd

200 frames – Graham Thrower

100 frames – Gary Kingsnorth

The full Medals Table is here, the County Rankings have also been updated.

Looking forward to our next match at home to London on 10th April.

All the best to all our players.


Final scores

u23s5:15 WIN
Seniors15:21 WIN
Juniors12:24 WIN
Ladies10:34 WIN
A23:21 LOSS
B17:27 WIN
C18:26 WIN

Interleague 13/03/2022

Interleague report

Our second Interleague fixtures are already done and the results are in.

Six teams across the divisions establishing a 100% record of wins:

Division 1: Rochester

Division 2: Sheppey Shipwreckers and Gravesham B

Division 3: Whitecliffs Dover B

Division 4: Jordan’s Crusaders and Canterbury B

Full results can be found on our Interleague pages

Interleague 3 is on 24th April with the KO Cup the following Sunday (1st May).


Interleague 27/02/2022

Interleague report

Kent Interleague returned last weekend, with 22 of the 23 Kent teams competing after a 2 year break, for the reasons we all know.

Kent welcomes the 6 new teams in Division 4:

Canterbury B, Gravesham D, Faversham A, Jordan’s Crusaders, Medway Raiders and Whitecliffs Dover Elite.

A number of good performances by numerous teams across the divisions, means this will be another competitive season.

Thank you to the Captains, getting their result sheets to me on Sunday, enabling the results to be uploaded on Sunday night.

Full results can be found on our Interleague pages

Interleague 2 comes around quickly (Sunday 13th March).

Good luck to all teams!


Kent v Sussex 13/02/2022

Match report:

A great start to the season for Kent after a break of almost two years, winning in every section with our international players in action having just returned from the European Championships.

We also welcome back to the squad Harry Compton, Charlie Minta and Martin Prime, with Nathan Venner joining the Seniors team.

Well done to Padraic in his first match as Junior Team Manager keeping the unbeaten run going.

The seniors with new additions to the squad demonstrated that they will be a strong contendor this year. The same can also be said of the under 23s.

With the As winning comfortably, the Bs showing resilience , the Juniors, Cs and Ladies extending their runs, the season ahead is looking more than promising.

The atmosphere in the club was one of positivity and the quality of the club and the tables was a topic of conversation across the room.

Final Scores

u23s12:8 WIN
Seniors27:19 WIN
Juniors31:5 WIN
Ladies27:17 WIN
A27:17 LOSS
B23:21 WIN
C34:10 WIN

Interleague 2022

Our new Interleague season starts on 27/02/2022

After a two year break we are back for Interleague in 2022 with 23 teams competing over 4 divisions. You can find all the details of the fixtures and venues at the link below as well as results following the matches.


Region 7 Fixtures 2022

All Region 7 fixtures for 2022 are shown below and on our Events page.

Further details including venues, scores, player stats etc can be food on the EPA Website

February 13th  

Kent                v          Sussex

Hampshire    v          Berkshire

London           v          Surrey

March 20th

Sussex            v          London

Surrey            v          Hampshire

Berkshire       v          Kent   

April 10th

Hampshire    v          Sussex

Kent                v          London

Berkshire       v          Surrey

May 15th

Kent                v          Hampshire

Sussex            v          Surrey

London           v          Berkshire

June 12th

Berkshire       v          Sussex

Surrey            v          Kent

Hampshire    v          London

July 10th

Sussex            v          Kent

Berkshire       v          Hampshire

Surrey            v          London

August 14th

London           v          Sussex

Hampshire    v          Surrey

Kent                v          Berkshire

September 11th

Sussex            v          Hampshire

London           v          Kent

Surrey            v          Berkshire

October 2nd  

Hampshire    v          Kent

Surrey            v          Sussex

Berkshire       v          London

November 6th

Sussex            v          Berkshire

Kent                v          Surrey

London           v          Hampshire