County Medals

We award medals to our players for every 100 county frames played. There are some impressive totals below some of which have taken since 1986 to accumulate – an great demonstration of committment to Kent pool.

(updated 16/05/2022)

(Only current squad player totals are shown)

RankNameTotal Frames
1Andy Redsull1224
2Paul Cox1222
3Julie Fane1052
4Vanessa Ledger929
5Mel Clements914
6Jan Spinner786
7Karen Riches764
8Martin Prime556
9Barbara Taylor520
10Nathan Venner516
11Scott Woods498
12William Anderson469
13Adam Bassoo436
14Andy Biggs408
15Pat Cunningham389
16Andy Twigger386
17Katie Martyn362
18Jamie Fenech344
19Josh Patel342
20Jasper Simmonds327
21Steve Mullins286
22Jo Miles262
23Hannah Bevan257
24Andy Gee251
25Harry Compton227
26Jake Lloyd220
28Callum Brown214
27Graham Thrower216
29Steve Ritchie204
30Mitchell Standen203
32Ritchie Bell168
33Charlie Minta160
36Ewan Parkinson140
34Farron Rowe144
35Ben Morgan142
36Jamie O'Donnell140
38Aaron Bhat136
39Gary Kingsnorth116
40Dave Fernandez104
41Sean Kirby100
42Karen Darby84
43Barry Johnson78
43Gavin Webb78
47Levi Daines73
45Ash Hind76
46Jo Herrington74
31Lee Crowhurst192
48Patrick Linyard59
49James Goldsmith54
49Lauren Bolt54
51Carl Disney48
52Erin Gannon41
53Finlay O'Shaughnessy31
54Charley McDowell28
58Ellen Dowie22
55Jamie Hughes24
55John Fowler24
55Phil Horley24
59Josh Wheeler18
64Alfie Rogers12
64Callum Britt12
64Chase East12
60Chris Freelove16
60Kevin Kelleher16
60Shaun Castle16
67Frank Moss11
63Ben Coles13
68Kev Saunders8
69Amy Cook6
70Charley Jessup2
70Harry Marella2
70Michail Cairns2